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Experience Matters

San Diego Car Wraps by KI Studios relies on more than 15 years of experience in the car wrap industry in San Diego, California. This experience goes into every vehicle we wrap. The attention to detail is bar none.

Since we have wrapped so many cars in San Diego County, we have worked on just about every type of car wrap out there. Back when we started, vinyl companies weren’t even making clear bra vinyl large enough to cover an entire hood, let alone a whole car. These days we’re wrapping entire Lamborghinis in Xpel Ultimate as well as Xpel Stealth clear film.

Apart from that, we’ve done every type of color change wrap imaginable. Gloss wrap, matte wrap, printed wrap, overlaid wrap, you name it. We’ve wrapped race cars, rally cars, SUVs and food trucks. We have wrapped exotics that range from Porsche, to Ferrari, to Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

If what you are after for a car wrap in the greater San Diego California area is the very best, come to KI Studios.


With experience comes expertise. As the number one location for custom car wraps in San Diego, we have honed our craft to become experts in the vehicle wraps field.


KI Studios San Diego Car Wraps is well known in the local automotive circles. We are friends with many in the car community and well known for our integrity.


With many years of successful projects, we have completed thousands of exotic, car, van, SUV and food truck wraps. Our track record of success is your reassurance.

Proof is in the pudding

Design & installation videos from our San Diego wrap location

Great things are accomplished only by hard work

This is why in San Diego, car wraps by KI Studios are not solely focused on just sports cars and exotics. Bills are paid with work; work is done with work vehicles.

A big part of our business revolves around wrapping cars for businesses. We do all kinds of fleet vehicles. At our San Diego, California facility we wrap company cars, promotional vehicles, work trucks, delivery vans and food trucks.

Company Car Vehicle Branding

Company Cars

Branding company cars is a very clever promotional tactic. It makes vehicles dual purpose. The cars used daily for company errands and such, and they also advertise.

Promotional Vehicle Wraps

Promotional Vehicles

Not all commercial vehicles are ordinary. A flashy sports car makes a great promotional piece. Like the Lamborghini Huracan above, we have wrapped many promotional cars.

Fleet Vehicle Car Wraps

Fleet Vehicles

YesThe staple of all jobsites is the pickup truck. Apart from delivery vans, trucks are also the primary vehicle in many company fleets. We help advertise your business with a truck wrap.

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